Thermographic Cameras available from TMB

In early May time TMB have a trial starting at a 4* hotel in London for a new Thermographic Screening Solution to implement.

This solution allows hoteliers to monitor customer’s temperatures upon entering the hotel, and show guests and colleagues that their well-being is the primary concern.  

This solution is currently in a trial stage but we hope that it may become a valuable tool in helping hotel’s re-open more quickly.


If you would like more information please do contact us or 01202 818 888 

Protect your business from Cybercrime

Phishing emails have increased massively in the past few weeks and months, as the unscrupulous play on our fears about coronavirus. If you’re not sure if an email is a scam or fake then simply forward it to 

TMB are able to advise on all aspects of cybersecurity. Please contact us to discuss this in more detail. or 01202 818 888