Improve guest and staff safety

TMB are now able to help hotels remove traditional ‘press to exit’ buttons; this is in line with the latest UK government guidelines to avoid keypads and exit buttons. 


Improve Guest & Staff Safety with Touchless Exit Buttons  


It is very likely that within your hotel you will have one or more ‘press to exit’ buttons on key exit points. These probably look similar to below and are normally found on doors which are controlled by magnetic locks, rather than the emergency ‘push bar to exit’ style of door.  


With the current situation this is likely to give rise to an increase in the amount of cleaning and sanitising and your customers and staff will be in a situation where they are likely to question the cleanliness of any button. The UK Government advice also states that where possible touch-based security devices such as keypads should not be used.  


There is a simple solution which allows doors to be released using a motion sensor solution, pictured below, that TMB can retrofit to replace a push button on any access control solution (for example Salto, VingCardOnity, Kaba). This button allows the door to be released via a simple wave of the hand in front of the sensor.  


Each button costs £39  

Installation is £275 for up to 2 buttons and £525 for up to 6 buttons  

Please note all prices exclude VAT  


For more information or to place an order please contact us or 01202 818 888

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